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StarhawkStarhawk Posts: 242
I know this has been brought up in the past but I really think Kabam needs to look at AW rewards or perhaps look at not locking champions during attack stage depending on your rank. I'm in an alliance that runs AQ Map 4 and we are in Gold 3 and the rewards we get from AQ Map 4 are a lot better than the rewards we get from playing AW over a AW season. AQ also locks up less champs and is a lot less stressful in general.



  • Haji_SaabHaji_Saab Posts: 3,074 ★★★★★
    They are looking at the rewards ... mod confirmed it in the beta forums
  • GmonkeyGmonkey Posts: 450
    If the difference between gold1 and platinum 3 is same as now happy to stay top 250 aq and gold 1 push for platinum 3 is draining
  • StarhawkStarhawk Posts: 242
    Haji_Saab said:

    They are looking at the rewards ... mod confirmed it in the beta forums

    ah thanks I didnt' notice the post. Good to know.
  • Rougeknight87Rougeknight87 Posts: 501 ★★★
    Rewards need a big overhaul. Not worth the time and resources people are currently putting into it, only reason we try so hard is because you don’t want to let down your ally mates but as it stands now all AW is is a nuisance 👎🏾
    New champs with only specific counters and what looks like an overhaul of nodes and difficulty in the beta at higher levels means it’s high time the rewards were bought into line
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    give up wars and seek alliances that only do aq. They will evolve their accounts without anger, and automatically the event will be empty. When feel the impact on your billing, a Kabam will solve it quickly ...
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