AQ 14 mill ally looking for 2

We're a 14m ally with a mix of veterans who have taken a step back from the grind of high gold/platinum wars and newer, growing members. We have decided that we aren’t interested in the current AW system and are focusing on AQ and solo content. We are currently running5x5.

We are looking to fill one spot with someone who would be a good fit both in terms of play and who can get along well with our close knit group. We are seeking adults in North/South American time zones who are either actively growing (350k min) or veterans who enjoy teaching others. Communication and activity are essential and Line is required. If interested, message me on line at outsidergua

The goals of the alliance are as follows:
•5x5 AQ all bgs
• AW optional
• Line required
•Donations Sunday’s 75k gold 5k loyalty
•SA weekly
•Push for rank rewards in all events (excluding arena)
•Be active and a chill person

Hit me up here, in game, or on Line at outsidergua


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