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Need casual alliance for 515k player

Game name-invinciblepawan
Lvl- 60
Rating- 515k
Need map 5 team
Line: pawanhalder


  • DaBillsDaBills Posts: 523
    Hey currently running map 4 because we lost a bg. We were running map 5 and were gold 2 last season. Recruiting now to replace it. We have a strong core group of players. Pretty social. Use line for communication. We are casual peeps. I can't find you in game. I am in game or on line at DaBills if interested. Thanks!
  • KylumacKylumac Posts: 82
    Running 5 x 5 Gold 2 Ally - looking to replace teamies who moved up to work on Map 6 - Line/Game ID Kylumac if interested
  • If your still looking for a casual laid back alliance look up Doggz of War. Tier 4-6 gold 3 last season. Looking to recruit to move up as we only run 2 BGs & participation was low last season. We run AQ map 5 & 4. Minimal donations to run map 5, no expectations on events focus AQ & AW. PM on line MidGrange if your still looking.
  • NLV88NLV88 Posts: 59
    If you are still searching for an alliance we have what you need. We run map 5 all week and reach ranked rewards on most alliance events.

    Look me up in game or on LINE by searching for me @NLV88
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