TLOD¥ Recruiting

Add me in-game LegendKiller~97 for more info


  • DshuDshu Posts: 1,265 ★★★★
    Any info on your alliance or does it all need to be done with ingame communication? In game messaging is really inconvenient
  • Curtis81197Curtis81197 Posts: 23
    We are a build up alliance i have 19 members at the moment we do map 2 at the moment i do have low levels in the team i get them to do map 1 to help them build up there champs and we do Wars we just won are first war are you interested in joining ???
  • Curtis81197Curtis81197 Posts: 23
    If you would like to add me in game you shall see are team an are team rating name is Legendkiller~97 i made the alliance to help low levels grow an build up the alliance as my old alliance was hardly active
  • I can't find your in game name,no results. What is the alliance name?
  • Curtis81197Curtis81197 Posts: 23
    The Legion Of Doom! Use the tag TLOD¥
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