Thoughts on Roster Progression

Hey all,

Appreciate any thoughts or insight you might have.

I have, unfortunately, sold many of my Champs in the past which is why you will see such an odd disparity in my roster.

My Stark, ST, Hyp, Proxima, and OR are as high as they can be ranked right now (only have 0.5 T5 basic), still working on leveling them up but gold and iso are tight. I have a ton of T1 Alpha expiring over the next month so I am trying to map out whom to look at upgrading. I have completed, but not explored, Chapter 5, not started Chapter 6, Variant, or LOL.

My initial thoughts on my 5*s are that She Hulk would be a good Champ to start bringing up, possibly Morningstar as well.

Regarding my 4*s, I know Killmonger has great synergy with ST and OR, but I'm wondering how strong he will be as a 5/50?
Am I better off keeping him where he is and just letting him tag along simply for the synergy when I need it? What about Aegon, is he worth the mats to get to 5/50? I have a generic awakening gem for him. I plan to bring up AA at some point, but OR and ST drained all my T4 mutant cats, so he will be a while.

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