FROZEN SCREEN! [Merged Threads]

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Simply a frozen screen mid-arena. I’m losing points by this stupid bug.
@Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Lyra please acknowledge.

Device: iPad 9.7 6th Generation
Game Mode: 4* Basic Arena
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  • ẞlооdẞlооd Posts: 931

    Not arena but mine freezes as well occasionally. Super lame because I'm using a Google Pixel 3. It was actually super smooth when I got the phone but it gets weird with some updates. They never seem to roll out a smooth one.
  • kinda similar to the bug I encountered in arena
  • May_The_WayMay_The_Way Posts: 186

    kinda similar to the bug I encountered in arena

    Ya dude, it’s so weird. Screen just stops for no reason. Makes me so mad
  • May_The_WayMay_The_Way Posts: 186
    This just happened to me again in the Bounty Missions, so it’s not just an arena issue. It’s everywhere, & it sucks
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    kinda similar to the bug I encountered in arena

    Change the speed to 2, rewind to 3.25
  • Hi all,

    We are looking into this issue with the game screen freezing when a fight starts. Thank you for the reports and video.
  • TUG_TheUnnamedGuyTUG_TheUnnamedGuy Posts: 253
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    My game just kinda froze here:

    Don’t know why. Hasn’t happened before. I play on an iPhone 8. This was during the Epic difficulty bounty mission.
  • The_Boss9The_Boss9 Posts: 1,394
    The same thing happened to me during map 6 yesterday. Using an iphone 8.
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