CG Coldsnap and Shock Immunity + Willpower Interaction with E.M.P Upgrade Node

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I attached two screenshots while fighting iceman with E.M.P node in chapter 3.1 uncollected EQ. Second image shows my CG got damage from coldsnap, willpower work at 100 tick (1 debuff, 100 per tick). Then iceman launched his sp1, automatically E.M.P upgraded shock is added to my CG, still got damage, and willpower still work at 100 tick.. it should be 200 per tick since there are two types of debuff. My question, is there something i miss ?? Cg glaive immunity ?? How it works ?? Please someone help me.. explain what i'm missing about...


  • VoltolosVoltolos Posts: 550 ★★
    The shocks are passive
  • Corvus is not immune to the debuffs or effects.
    He his immune, to the damage, of those debuffs listed. While he has glaive charges.
    Abilities that proc at the start of the fight tend to fail sometimes. It's normal, for now.
    Those shocks are not debuffs. Corvus should take full damage from them
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