Need a full bg to do map 6 alongside us

We are an aq focused alliance with 2 bgs already completing map 6 looking to bring in another bg to replace our map 5 group to push for higher rewards, we expect you to be able to complete a minimum of 3 days map 6 as our groups do between 3-5 days weekly.

We have a starting prestige of over 7.8k although this will change depending on your average prestige so would prefer something of similar or higher.

We will be running aw alongside but as our focus will be on aq we will not be pushing out of gold 1 but will sit comfortably within it as we have for all past seasons with little to no item use.

If you fit the above description contact me on line:



  • JamesnptonukJamesnptonuk Posts: 103
    Still looking for that right group, if you’re currently in an alliance doing map 6 whilst the other groups do map 5 and benefit from your hard work why not join us and get the full rewards from map 6 you deserve
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