More Gold for exploring event quest

I have no Gold. Most of my alliance mates have no Gold. This lack of Gold keeps me from ranking a lot of my desired champions more than any other single resource. I realize there are various intentional limits placed in the game to slow over-fast account advancement. But the gold shortage is something the team has addressed in part a few times in the past.
I think larger sums of Gold should be a regular part of the monthly event quests. I'm not talking about exorbitant amounts of it. I think it could still be reasonable amounts that seem requisite to the time and skill it takes to complete these quests.
Uncollected event quest (100% exploration) each month should reward 100,000 gold in addition to the existing rewards.
Likewise, master event quest exploration should reward 50,000 gold.
Heroic exploration should reward 25,000 gold.
Normal should reward 15,000 gold.
Beginner should reward 10,000 gold.
An additional 200,000 gold reward for those summoners who choose to 100% explore all these quests would adequately reflect the time and resources devoted to finishing this content.


  • PhidoggPhidogg Posts: 32
    I agree 100%!!
  • S2k_WaltS2k_Walt Posts: 34
    Inb4 people are just like "just do arena"
  • SirDubusSirDubus Posts: 13

    Inb4 people are just like "just do arena"

    Ain't nobody got time for that...
  • PhidoggPhidogg Posts: 32
    Doing Arenas cost also, units and boosts for masteries to place suicides and if you fully boost up with 30% champion boost....those cost down the line, to earn what pennies on the dollar. Risk is not worth reward...
  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 977 ★★★
    Yeah, I agree. I almost didn't since I'm fairly happy with the 40K per path in Cav EQ, but then I remembered that the gold per path drops quickly below Cav. Plus, I've recently really felt how much of a gold drain ranking up 6*s can be, and those 40K haven't really filled up my coffers like they used to do when that difficulty was first introduced.

    I think all difficulties could use a gold boost in their rewards.
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