Variant #2 2.1 adaptoid

right guys and gals this is the biggest pile of **** boss i’ve ever fought against. does anyone have any suggestions ? i’ve tried heavy intercepts he just evaded every damn one of them. don’t have AA, tried she hulk and he fired off his heavy that fast that you can’t not trigger dex and then your too far away, tried to out regen and bleed with blade he just evaded every heavy attack, tried juggs with bully and the 30% chance to nullify was absolute trash never triggered and cousknt hit him, quake in not good enough with. don’t have NT. it’s genyineky starting to mug me off and i’ve got a stacked roster and i know i’ll nail every other boss going it’s just his evade mechanic is just OP as hell and has enhanced abilities on top of that. i had a fight last for 10 minutes and i landed 40 hits out of the probable 2/300 i threw at him. any genuine suggestions


  • SungjSungj Posts: 1,613
    Try to practice with quake. She's insane when you learn how to use her so it's definitely worth putting in the time for content not just in variant
  • Sai_7Sai_7 Posts: 224
    I used my Domino , Hyperion & AA !
    Domino try to land heavy attack (stun imunity makes it hard + evade) pray for unlucky to pop so that evasion is less and use only SP3 !
    Hyperion, Heavy will get yu hit - use SP3
    AA - Try to Neurotoxin him, its very hard

    Other commendable ones!
    Rhino - Unblockables

    Kilmonger - True Strike
    Corvus - True Strike
    Starky is good too, build poise and heavy attack, SP3

    Disadvantage for these guys are the sizes!!

    Tip : have the Unfazed mastery !! Unstoppable helps when they evade!!! This helped me a lot! :smile:
  • HeadrollerHeadroller Posts: 209

    I've done 2/3 paths so far and I'm lucky to have him as a 6*. I still had to use revives.

    Pro's : big health pool and he gets rages from every evade. plus the XL global buff.
    Cons : it doesn't stop the evade so be prepared to take it on the chin if your not careful.
  • HeadrollerHeadroller Posts: 209
    if you have corvus and proxima I would recommend this 1000% for that true strike synergy. Just did that nasty power gain path with Hyp mordo SS and DS on it ( Worst time ever, far right path) and the synergy works for mordo's astral evade aswell.

    Just attack the boss as you normally would. his life goes to 1% but all of his attacks are critical and deal massive damage till they run out. minimal revives and you don't have to stick to just heavies with this strategy.
  • jdyke23jdyke23 Posts: 80
    i managed to do it in the end lads just used blade and parry, tried KM and with him being a medium champion made it hard to keep up the true strike
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