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AI Intelligence boosted?

Does anyone else notice the AI seems to have crazy high intelligence ever since the last update? I really noticed it in Variant Mystery in the Microrealms when fighting the 2.1 boss. I was really struggling to get this boss down and tried everything the only thing I could think of was AA heavy spam but my AA died on the way and seeing as how he's a 3/45 I was taking too much block damage with the 40% revives to get a neurotoxin applied so I restared the quest and brought Corvus, Proxima, Domino and Rhulk, I saved AA solely for the boss so he could be at full health and thus give me a much higher chance of getting a Nuero applied but when I tried to fight him, the boss would NOT throw a heavy until my HP was below 50% due to block damage.

I also tried with Proxima and my first mission was Incapacitate, after I got the first heavy to make contact, I noticed again the defender wouldn't throw a heavy until my True Strike had ended. Did Kabam increase the AI's intelligence?
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