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Hello I haven't been a player for long. But I have been a dedicated player since starting. I have seen 12 of my friends just start to where they received their first 4 star character at Levels 18-21. I am at level 36 and I have yet to receive a 4 star character. Am I being punished because I've such work into the game? My friends all have 4 star because they barely play. I know it's supposedly random but how could anyone have a "streak of bad luck" as bad as mine. I just want to know if I am being punished. A reply from the actual company Kabam would be greatly appreciated.


  • RichiesDad79RichiesDad79 Posts: 947 ★★★
    Its totally random, bud! Juat sounds like you have an extreme streak of bad luck. However if you are just relying on crystals this could be the problem. Im a hardcore player at level 49 with 35 4*s and 1 5*. I only got 2 of them out of a premium crystal. Ive done a little better with feature crystals but most of mine came from winning in the arena and 4* crystal shard. One thing i dont understand is how you havent gotten one from 4* shards. I get one every 7-10 days minimum this way and you should be too if your in an alliance because of the summoner advancement weekly event.
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    What Richiesdad79 said. The crystal system is random. 4*s are pretty common now versus when I began playing the app and Im one of the day 1 players. You really need to be in an active alliance. 3 day events not only contain premium crystal shards but 250 4* shards. Event quests and story quests grant the ability to acquire 4* characters.
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    I wouldn't worry about it. 3 stars can take you all the way through act 4. You automatically get a 4 star after beating Thanos I think (might be for exploration, don't remember). Plus the longer you play the more you dupe characters which trickles down into shards for higher star levels (like the more two stars you have the easier it is to get three stars by duping them and so on).
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    Relax Doc. Even I didnt get a 4 star until I was at 37. While luck is a fair part of it (Prem Hero Crystals) its a sign of good things that you have reached a level of 34 and are facing content which requires you to desire a 4 star so soon. So keep it up.

    And yes, dont rely on luck, join a good alliance that is tier 9 or above and grow faster. You will get lot of good 4 stars i am sure. So while its ok to vent out a little once in a while, keep playin and dont lose hope.

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