Suicide masteries with a 4* roster

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Hi summoners,

So i have been reading through the forums to see all the discussions regarding suicide masteries. However didnt really get the answer i was looking for. So decided to start a new thread instead.

The most common answer throughout the forum is "Suicides are only for arena and nothing else". I am not a heavy arena grinder. I only do arenas when i am out of gold. I was actually planning to turn on suicides for questing (Monthly event quests, story quests, AQ/AW). I know suicides mess up your AW defense. The alliance i am in right now are not that much serious. Plus, i have the weakest defenders so that doesn't matter anyway... lol.

A little background on me.. i have been playing for 6 months. Started last October. Currently at summoner level 56. Became uncollected couple of weeks back.. Yay! :smile:

Here are my top champs -

The reason i want to turn suicides on is, as you can see, i mostly play with 4*. My 5* roster SUCKS except for Blade, my prized possession. With 4* roster, when i go up against high PI champs.. i get whacked if its a long fight. For example -
  1. the map5 kingpin boss or any mini boss in AQ who have a large health pool. Even if i dont get hit, the timer runs out, giving health penalty
  2. Majority of the defenders in AW
  3. the event quest uncollected/epic difficulty, particularly this month where you have nodes where your attack is reduced by 50% if you have class advantage, which makes the fights really really long with a 4*!!
Its not that i am a bad player, i have decent fighting skills. But the longer the fight gets, the harder its for me to keep up with my 4*s as it only takes a hit or two from the opponent to KO my champs. So the faster i can end the fight the better. That is the only reason i want to turn on suicides.

So here's what i want -
1. I want to finish the uncollected event quest.
2. I want a boosted attack in AQ/AW

So my question towards the community -
1. Summoners who run suicide full time, share your experience please. Are there anyone like me who mostly have a 4* roster running suicides full time?
2. With my roster, if i turn on suicides, will i be able to complete the uncollected EQ with the extra fire power or it won't matter?
3. I currently have the units to unlock half suicide. So between double edge & liquid courage, which one do you guys suggest considering my roster?

Looking forward to your feedback.

NB: This is my first post in the forum.
NB2: Sorry for the long post :)


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    On my alt which I mainly use 4*s I run suicides all the time, right now I don't use the bleed suicide just the poison and willpower and don't do aw. I love them, I still use all my champs even if they ain't poison immune. Willpower heals up a good amount of it. Only down side is losing 5% whenever I use a special but by the time I use it they will probably die from it.
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    Jus stopping in to tel u to rank up that duck.
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    Suicides require certain champions, but it's not rarity that's important, but immunities or utility that mitigates detrimental effects of suicides. You have ultron, iceman, corvus, x23, magik and ghost, which are perfect for suicides, so if you want to limit yourself to using only these champions, and be smart about when to use specials, it can definietly work on your benefit. Other champions you might want to look out for suicides are omega red, sentinel, rogue, nebula. You can also run only liquid courage to be able to use your hyperion and rullk as addition to these 6 you have
    I run full suicides and I don't regret it a bit. I have 60% increased attack thanks to them, meaning fights don't last long and, as such, I have less time to make mistakes.

    The only problem is, of course, recoil. That's why since I got a 5* Omega my 5* r4 Hawkeye was benched, since he had to spam SP1 which would chip too much of his health. You have a duped Blade, so you can sort of regenerate the recoil damage. Ghost can avoid it altogether. But with most champions you have to decide if you just endure the recoil or use only SP3.

    I disagree it is not playable on harder content. I become Elder Bane with a team of 5* duped r4 Hulk, 5* r4 Yondu, 5* r4 and 6* r1 Hawkeye, mainly. And become Cavalier with those and 5* duped r5 Blade and 5* duped r4 Omega.
  • roberto94roberto94 Posts: 779 ★★
    I do use it all the time. I use it for my Ægon dupe with synergy Heimdall, hela, Starlord and Angela. Them synergy kinda Grant Ægon unstoppable buff from Heimdall and 25% revive from Hela after you kill all the champions except Ægon. The plus side with Ægon is that he have an enchanted tenacity that shrug of suicides while still hard kicking ass while staying more alive.
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