Life comes first, game comes second

Have you put up with inactive alliances and was left feeling like there could be more? OR maybe you’ve been in hardcore alliances but felt like it was more work than a full-time job. If any of this sounds too familiar, then TIM! is perfect for you.


• Think playing the game should be fun above all.
• Are mostly adults in our 30s.
• Require LINE for communication.
• Have an average member of about 175k.
• Are looking for members that play daily to keep growing, and are continuously building, and participate actively in alliance events.
• Help each other grow inside and outside of the battlefield. We have leaders who will help you grow and point you in the right direction.
• Hit SA rank rewards every week, and typically not in the lowest bracket.
• Run up to 2 Wars in between AQ weeks.
• Run AQ maps 4-4-4-3-3 (to get into expert) or 4-4-4-3-2 (when in expert) and bounce between expert tier and middle tier
• Have a war rating of 1242 and bounce between tiers 5-7. We have beaten alliances much higher than us and we use expert strategy and coordination in war.

We may be closer to semi-casual in schedule, but we are serious at exceeding in the challenges we take on.

Ideally, we are seeking players with a base of at least 8 R4 champs (primarily for war, but will take less) and at least are Summoner level 45, Players who are in this grind for the long haul, and most importantly, we seek like-minded individuals with a healthy understanding that this is just a game, albeit a fun and addicting one (I swear this game is like crack!). We are not rewards chasers and will not allow the alliance to be pushed to burn-out.

Also, we would ideally like individuals who are open to fun social interaction, enjoy chatting in Line, and are willing to get to know us as friends, even though it is through digital means.

If any of this sounds appealing, find me or my recruiting officer on LINE: Tq5587 or JessicaWXYZ. Alliance tag: TIM!

***Also, if this sounds fitting, but you don’t meet some requirements; we do have a sister alliance perfect for those starting out or still learning the ropes. Same great mentality, but just in a smaller package. For this alliance reach out to Heddy on LINE. Alliance tags: tTIM!
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