4* Feature Crystal

Greetings Kabam,

I have not been playing this game that long, but I think it would be a good idea to have a 4* Feature crystal just like the 5 and 6* Feature crystals. If you look up Prof Hoff’s Youtube channel he talks about this, so I cannot take credit for someone else’s idea and I think it is a very good one that he brings up. I have been playing this game for 4 months and I just got the title of “Proven” by completing Act 3. If you listen to what Prof Hoff suggests make the 4* Feature crystal worth 3,000 4* Hero crystal shards. Even though you have banned 4*s from Act 6 there’s a lot of content in this game that they are very useful for, especially getting through Acts 4 and 5. Please take this under advisement as it definitely would also help me get further along in this game. Thanks for your time!


  • TRS326BulldogTRS326Bulldog Posts: 2
    Almost forget, if you decided to go ahead with this idea the champs I think should be in this 4* Feature crystal are as follows: Blade, Human Torch, Ghost Rider, Cap IW, Ghost, GwenPool, Korg, Thing, Mister Sinister, Havok, Iceman, Iron Man IW, Magik........ just to name a few and I also think it should be easier to obtain 4 and 5 star shards for summoners who have yet to reach the title of “Uncollected” or “Cavalier”. But, that is just one lowly summoners opinion who’s only been playing this game for a few months.
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