Omega Red Spores Falling off Faster Post 22.1 update

WHOz_R4GEWHOz_R4GE Posts: 208
edited April 2019 in Bugs and Known Issues

I have been noticing his spores falling off quicker then previously. I wasn’t sure how to prove this.

Attached are screenshots from a Brian Grant video back in December and screen shots from my Omega today. I used the exact same synergies although only ST should be needed to prove my point.

In my screen shots you will see I have 30 spores up when I block the first part of WS SP2 same as Brian. When WS first bullet connects I’m at 28 and BG is at 29.
When WS finishes his SP2 I’m at 20 and BG is at 23.

I have ran this fight dozens of times and can’t stay above 21 after the SP2 ends. I’m not sure how else to prove the spores from ST synergy are not working as before 22.1 update.


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