AQ Focused Alliance seeking 3

We are now seeking 3 active players to join our crew

We are a US-based 10 mil alliance , Bronze 1 in AW, currently running AQ 55554 and we usually hit ranked rewards on SA and other events.

New recruits must be:
- active (and let us know in advance if you're not logging on for 12 hours during AW/AQ)
- participate in all AQ, communicate to choose best paths, get nodes down, etc
- have a sense of humor. We are a fun group that likes to joke around
- 300-250k pi
- able to take criticism and advice on AW paths, team select, and upgrade paths.
- LINE app is a requirement
- Can handle at least map 4
- We are potentially your retirement alliance, we are super chill and only ask to participate in all AQ and reach small minimums for 3 day events

We are currently only running AW during the off time of AQ but this may change in the future and run 1-2 bgs for war to give an option to rotate players or give others a break from war

If this sounds like a good fit, please msg me on LINE or here @NLV88 . THANKS!


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