Dungeons - Unable to move

RaveNNRaveNN Posts: 73
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First of all I´d like my champ to get an INSTA-REFRESH, second of all this player said he couldn´t move in the game and that he even restarted the game and still couldnt move
I managed to do one room, with luck
If this player trolled me I´d like you to contact me to give you this players name, if he didn´t well, just fix/delete dungeons and refresh my champs


  • ThebgjThebgj Posts: 331
    I’ve had that same thing happen to me. Except I was the stuck one. Restarted over and over, restarted the phone too. I just couldn’t move. Lost my best champs in the first room, I haven’t done them ever since. That was months ago.
  • Drooped2Drooped2 Posts: 1,840
    I've seen it happen from.both sides a few times
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