Dungeon points bug

LormifLormif Posts: 7,361 ★★★★★
I was doing dungeons this evening and ran into a points bug

I have done 4 dungeons

The first 3 were at the highest rank

Battle 1 we ran into a domino mini and lost one side in room 1, we still completed, that netted us 1k
Battle 2 we went into room two and lost a side, wast not able to complete it, that netted us 500
Battle 3 we beat 3rd room, other guys battery apparently died, he said "sin bateria" then disappeared, we got ~2500 points. (should have been around 3500)

Battle 4 was in room 6, we made it to and completed battle 5, but we were basically dead so I hit leave, my team mate for some reason did not hit conclude so it was timing out. I attempted to leave the dungeon but it told me if I did so I would only get 2ko points instead of 4k so I waited for the time out. After the timeout I had 6k points total and not 8. Battle 3 I questioned the points because I should have had over 5k total, but figured I did something wrong in my points. After the 4th battle I knew something was wrong, but I didnt have a screen shot.

It seems if you conclude a dungeon by timing out it does not give you the 2x point award for beating the room, even if the timeout happens on the decision screen.
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