[TNSSA] - 6.4 Mil Alliance Looking for Active Players

Current 6.4M alliance looking for active players.
  • LINE for communication - Communication is required
  • Active Daily - AQ participation (joining and staying engaged through entirety), AW participation
  • Donations - Map5 x5 (140k gold, 30k battlechips, 12.5k loyalty)

Now a little about the group, we are currently looking for new active members that are interested in running Map 5x5 and complete all 5 days of AQ. We run AW (Tier 6 currently) 3x a week concurrently with AQ, you are expected to have the champs to compete in both at the same time.

We rank in SA weekly. Rank in Completion, Item Use always

If you are interested, please contact me.

Contact me - IGN: Jsnook; LINE ID - jsnook2


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