"What to expect to the next update?" Pt. 1

Hello fellow summoners! I just wish to know what things you think should be added or would be beneficial when added to the next or maybe future updates of the game.

1. I was thinking of the Auto help button for arena grinders. Well yeah, to be honest its a waste of time tapping that help button on every champion. Maybe at least one BIG BUTTON for activating auto help for ally members (not the auto recharge during solo or no ally players)
2. Lesser energy recharge for maybe like 4-5 mins. Or maybe increasing the energy gained per help from ally members.
3. More revive offers at store. Maybe revives for a STORY QUEST. Most revives and potions from the store are mainly usable for aq which is so bummer cause i ran out of lvl 1,2 revives and had to search revives from every quest from every act.

So maybe yeah. Its not much but KABAM please. Will no.1 be a part of your list? Thank you!


  • quando213quando213 Posts: 79
    I agree with you on the Arena Help feature. The time reduced is not worth it at all. Please make it more effective or just stop putting the champions that have the Help button at the top of the screen.
  • ccriderccrider Posts: 17
    What to expect in next update? Bugs bugs bugs bugs, why would it change now.
  • I'd like to see a golden crystal in the loyalty store.

    Auto help in arenas.

    A level cap increase.

    A max energy increase.

    PHC shards for duping a one star champ.

    Ability to dupe a one star.

    I don't think they'll read my suggestions but it'd be awesome of they did!!
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