Account has been compromised

My account along with my email has been compromised, I have attempted to establish communication with the Kabam team, but they are unwilling to assist me because of the information they need I do not have access to (when from iTunes to Google Play). I have spent real money around to a 4 figure sum within the past year. Unfortunately, I am frustrated with the fact that if I can't access the email or information from an iTunes account while there being no apple products I can use. I have has this account since 2015. I have lost units and other resources, but Kabam doesn't want to give me the time of day. A ticket was opened, but closed it after I admitted to some of the information I do not have access to because of being from 2015.


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    Kabam ZibiitKabam Zibiit Posts: 7,033
    Hey there, I'm sorry to hear about the situation with your account. Account-specific issues and requests aren't something we are able to help with here on the forums. Our Support Team would be the best equipped to help assist you with your request. If you are able to continue working with them and provide them the information they need to verify the details and ensure the proper security of your account, they'll be able to help you with the next steps. Additionally, I would also recommend getting in contact with your email provider and letting them know about the situation as well, as they may be able to help you secure your email account.
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