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6.5K Prestige looking for a crew!

I am currently in search for a long term high tier alliance (ideally a gold 1 - plat 3 that runs at least 5x5 AQ)

My stats:
- I am a Free to play U.S. Based player
- I use Line and ClanHQ for communication
- Player Rating: 425K
- Prestige: 6.5K
- Got boss killing capabilities
- I have Map 6 experience
- I have Gold 1/Plat 3 experience as well
- Can get weekly donations in

Still have questions or interested? Reply to this thread, contact me in game, or hit me up on line so we can chat. I can show you my cat stash, champs, and pictures of titles/completion of stuff. Eager to meet and get working with ya!

Best Regards,

Still have questions or interested?
Line ID: mypuncake


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