Mothly event quest titles need a change

I've been thinking for awhile that there needs be a change on how you earn these titles alot of endgame players and even progressing players find it incredibly tedious playing throught lower levels of event quest to earn certain titles for example the title you get from heroic difficulty and lower and on short event like the current human torch one that only ran for 3 weeks along side bounty mission it can even cost units to get them all before the event expires.

My solution is why not add the titles you get from heroic level and lower into the master level and move the master title into uncollected level.

Or add both titles so you get them both when you 100% explore uncollected difficulty
Running the same event 3 times gets super boring and tedious to do especially if you start with uncollected working down since the skill level goes way down.

A few people i spoke to agree some even skip these event completely cause they are bored of event quest after running uncollected and masters curious what the forums people think let me know

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