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14.2 Mil Alliance looking for 1 active player

zbot34zbot34 Posts: 176
edited April 20 in Alliance Recruitment
We are an AQ focused first alliance that runs both map 5 and map 4. We are currently looking for a player who has map 5 experience for our BG2 so they can do multiple days of map 5 currently they do 2 days whereas BG1 does 5x5 . We finished season 8 of War at Gold 2 only running 2bgs. If you are not that much into War or do not want to do War we definitely do understand. At this present time we are not forcing any of our members to join War. So if War is not your thing but you can handle treasury donations, map 5 AQ and be very active and a great communicator then this alliance is for you!

Please contact me via the line app at zbot34

Thank you.


  • ahmad7472ahmad7472 Posts: 6
    im interested but im 175k
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 176
    Hey ahmad7472 that could work for us. Are you looking to progress and grow ? And which map in AQ do you have experience in? Sorry I didn't see your reply until now I am currently at work.
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