Hella is still broken

SmashSmash Posts: 804 ★★★
Sorry if this has been covered recently but I couldn’t find anything. There’s no mention of it and seems like most people are occupied with the long list of bugs this month but Hella’s parry/heavy still does not give a fury buff. Any update on this Kabam?


  • Marri_2Marri_2 Posts: 577 ★★★
    Euhm, you gotta Hold the heavy for a while there...

    Played with her today, worked fine.
  • LordRaymond3LordRaymond3 Posts: 387 ★★★
    Um... works for me still. You have to hold heavy for a while. You can't just hold it for like half a second. You have to charge it like Quake
  • SmashSmash Posts: 804 ★★★
    Holding heavy works. That’s not what I’m talking about. Parry and immediately heavy used to give her 1 fury. It doesn’t anymore after the last update
  • Arbiter2426Arbiter2426 Posts: 346
    That's never how it worked you always had to hold it to the point of your parry stun almost expiring
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