Need a skilled UK/Euro player for 14m gold2/map5 alliance

StauntonStaunton Posts: 502
edited April 22 in Alliance Recruitment

When you read all this, if youre interested add me on line. My id is: staunton2019

S9 will be Gold2 rewards.
100m aq rewards from running 55544 (possibly 55554).
400/500k+ weekly sa

Only looking for active players who join war and aq promptly & will log on a few times a day to get things done.

If youre uk or euro timezone and are uncollected skill lvl and above, pls add me on line app

3 UK/Euro BGs. Everyone is gmt+0 to +2

Everyone is here on merit. If you stay active, clear your path and dont hold up your team in war/aq you will enjoy it here. If not you will be kicked

Line id: staunton2019


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