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[Android] 23.0 Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



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    aubsharpaubsharp Posts: 1
    Galaxy J7
    Just updated today, but this is an ongoing issue. During AW fights my attacker drops blocks, throws heavies when not activated and the game lags and jumps ahead a second or two totally throwing everything off. This has been happening intermittantly but after this update its terrible. 1st two fights and im out of AW because of this. I will not be participating in AW until this is resolved. The game runs fine and maybe general lag at times during other events but AW is just ridiculous. Please fix this.
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    PixelPixel Posts: 2
    In-Game Name: bliksempie777
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy S8
    Device Operating System: android 9
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    Game Version Installed: 23.0.1
    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Just happened in AW. Have also had it occur in normal questing.
    Description of the Issue: after using a special 3 the champ will auto dash forward at the defender. There is no way to stop it. Others in alliance have had it occur also.
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    dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 1,442 ★★★★
    In-Game Name: ditto11
    Device and Model: Samsung J3
    Device Operating System: Android 7.1.1
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    Game Version Installed: Play Store: 23.0.0 In Game: 898908
    Game Mode: Any
    Description of the Issue: After special 3, character dashes towards opponent regardless of what you're doing (ie blocking, nothing, trying to dash back)
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    IvaLunaIvaLuna Posts: 2
    In-Game Name: IvaLuna
    Device and Model: Xiaomi Redmi 5A
    Device Operating System: 8.1.0 (latest) Android, MIUI
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 23.0 - the most recent one
    Game Mode: In all game modes, including the crystal vault.
    Description of the Issue: Overall unbearable lag and freezing in fights, I don't even wanna get started about the issue with the crystal vault which a lot of people have and it has been present for a very long time without a fix. I know my phone is not a high-end phone, maybe not even a medium-end phone but there's no reason why a few pixelated pictures should not load, the issue is on your end and I expect a fix very soon because people are getting very angry. With every update the game gets worse and the lag is worse, instead of gaining players, you lose and frustrate the current player base. Please do something about these stupid bugs, you fix all sorts of bugs regarding specific champions, their animations, etc. But can't fix simple things like the crystal vault pictures loading or hero selection screens (same issue with the pictures not loading).
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    AairaMemonAairaMemon Posts: 6
    edited April 2019
    They will never solve the issue/bugs they introduce, they keep going like this, so people uses their money to buy the stuff and they can earn from it, and people will forget all about this in few months,
    Also season 9 is coming May 1, with these bugs in the game,
    Think about fighting in WAR and getting K.O. as middle of combo AI through Specials, or after you through sp3 you champ dashes forward and AI kick you butt. not just like they even nowadays in mid combo your champ freezes for like half a sec, enough chance for AI to kick your butt.
    some times Sp button doesn't work after 5 hits.

    This is all part of their planing get money from everyone who plays the game.

    Specially, youtubers, don't care about this, who gets money by playing the game.
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    I've had this game on 3 different phones/devices. All on both, cellular (Verizon) and WiFi (200mbps). All with the most current versions of Android and MCOC game version at that time....and I can say this...NONE of it mattered. This games has lagged, crashed, not loaded, stuttered, and run inconsistently since I first started playing it 2 yrs ago. It has NEVER run perfectly. NEVER. Yes...I still enjoy playing the game. However...these "bugs" pertaining to lagging and/or crashing have never, and will never, be fixed. This game is so intricate and enormous, that fixing everything along with lagging and crashing is logistically impossible. It's equal to trying to stop water from leaking out of a colander with one hand. It ain't gonna happen. I just wish Kabam would be honest with us for once?
    I get it. I commend you for trying...but lets be honest here. The monster has been set loose, and there's no corralling it back.
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    IAmNumbaJuanIAmNumbaJuan Posts: 8
    In game name: IAmNumbaJuan
    Device Name: Samsung Galaxy Tab A
    Android Version 7.1.1
    Game version 23.0.1
    Game Mode: Quests, Crystal Vault
    Description: In fights, the health bars and power bars, and pictures of your champ are blurred out by white boxes. The game will crash during fights as well and are laggy.
    The Crystal Vault doesn't even work. I can't press on anything, it is either lagging every second or is completely frozen. Please fix.
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    JohniaparaJohniapara Posts: 13
    Fix this p
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    JohniaparaJohniapara Posts: 13
    And this
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    JohniaparaJohniapara Posts: 13
    Regim arena
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    JohniaparaJohniapara Posts: 13
    The gameplay no longer slows down this is very nice thanks but the game crashes out especially in the arena
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    CharmersCharmers Posts: 10
    In-Game Name: Charmers
    Device and Model: Nokia 5
    Device Operating System: Android latest version
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 23.0.0
    Game Mode: All game modes, crystal vault
    Description of the Issue: Too long loading, waiting times, pictures not loading, both when selecting heroes and opening crystals. You can't tell me my phone can completely and harmlessly handle animations from specials and similar when those require a lot more effort from the phone, but can't load simple pictures and hence lead to tedious lag and waiting for minutes to select a crystal or a hero... The borders are loading but nothing inside them, and the game won't proceed until those pictures will load. This is an issue a lot of people have and have had in the past so I hope a fix will come very soon.
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    TakingAllDownTakingAllDown Posts: 30
    Game wasnt that bad year ago. Now update after update its going worse and worse. Crystal area lagging,game crashes after few fights in arena,lag spikes in the middle of fights. I dont know how to progress in the game,im in the middle of act 5 and its impossible to play without dying beacuse of those 0,5 sec lags during the fight.
    Does Kabam even testing game with android device? I really like this game and really question is do i need to buy new device with iOS to play this game properly? Pls start fixing android main problems.
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    ApdApd Posts: 5
    Back draft intercept is not working at all since 2 months( last 2 updates). Plz do something. This game is now unplayable. So many bugs are there. Ai response is too quick. Some time dashback is not working. Plz dont make this game only money base . Otherwise we will frustrate more and more. Plz do something
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    Donination13Donination13 Posts: 42
    Name: Donination13
    Device: Galaxy S6
    OS: Android version 7 (software was already updated)
    Cellular or Wi-Fi: Both
    Game Version: 23.0.0
    Game Mode: All Modes :-(
    Description: Poor Game Performance with Delays on Defense/Offense ESPECIALLY with Symbiote Supreme's hits even after Recent Update Especially in Fights Longer than 1 Minute (frames drop horribly).
    An Option for Less Graphic Quality and Better Smooth Gameplay Performance Would be Great! :smile:
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    In-Game Name: 100Masks

    Device and Model: Galaxy J3 Eclipse

    Device Operating System: Android 7.0

    Cellular or WiFi: The issues occur on both, and the carrier is Verizon.

    Game Version Installed: 23.0

    Game Mode: At main menu, crystal menus, alliance menus, versus and story modes.

    Description of the issue: Text, character and crystal images are being replaced by black boxes. Shortly after the game lags and crashes. I can only run the game for about 30 seconds. This issue happens at random, and once it starts I may have to wait 2 days to a week before I can play maybe an hours worth of gameplay without crashing. This issue has been going on for months, through several patches, and across several devices. It occurs on friends phones as well when using my account. Game typically crashes at startup, and if I manage to get to a battle, crashes 3 battles in. No error message either, just closes the game. I don't seek compensation, but it would be nice to be able to PLAY.
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    lulz1lulz1 Posts: 1
    In-Game Name: lulz1
    Device and Model: OnePlus 5t
    Device Operating System: Android 9.0.4
    Cellular or WiFi: cellular
    Game Version Installed: 23.0.1
    Game Mode: Level up, crystal opening, AQ,AW, general quests are worst.
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    SPAZER17SPAZER17 Posts: 21
    as if kabam cares to fix all these issues that were all having! its been over 6 months im also experiencing all these problems with all the lag thats why i stopped playing mcoc they dont care to fix these issues which are the main things they should be focusing on but no instead they focus on making the animations better and adding more stuff to the game. FIX THE DAMN GAME FOR US THEN FOCUS ON OTHER STUFF KABAM AND I SPEAK FOR EVERYONE NOT JUST FOR MYSELF IM JUST SO FREAKING TIRED WAITING 10 MINUTES TO OPEN A FEW DAMN CRYSTALS THE LAG KILLS THE GAME ANYWHERE
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    CliftonClifton Posts: 3
    Y'all MF needs too stop cheating. Why every player hwve 2 be rank up so high all the time and you've corvus cliave on auto block .I can't even get pass him because of the auto block Bs .u don't care about nobody .the only thing marvel cares about is the money people spend with them .and I'm a very angry player
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    Troy_Elric123Troy_Elric123 Posts: 542 ★★★
    It is weird how devices which ran this game perfectly for over a year while still having 3 to 4 apps running in the background is now unplayable with all others disabled and cache clearing every 5 minutes where as there no profound observable change to the game mechanics or graphics. this is a fault from the game team. Pls stop telling players to check your processes or buy higher end phones . it doesnt get much higher than 8.1 for most devices which run heavier games perfectly
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    dapps2godapps2go Posts: 19
    edited May 2019
    In game name: dapps
    Device Name: Samsung Galaxy S8+
    Android Version 7.1.1
    Game version 23.0.1
    Game Mode: Quests, Crystal Vault
    Description: In fights, lag during combos, which cause the AI to block n then u take a combo to the face.
    The Crystal Vault take minutes to load up. I can't press on anything, it is either lagging every second or is completely frozen. loading screens take forever, this has been happening for months now.
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    MsLynnMsLynn Posts: 22
    Please fix my game it has been months now that its had the same bugs from 21.0 update. It pauses one me during a fight pauses 3x. It happens in arena , eq, aq.

    My in game name is
    Samsung galaxy s8
    Running android pie 9.0
    Wifi/4g lte

    I just want these bugs fixed so i can play my game
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    fradera28roblesfradera28robles Posts: 8
    Name: Binary~7
    Device: LG Stylo 4
    OS: 8.1.0
    Connectivity: Both Wifi and Cellular
    Game version: 23.0.1
    Game Mode: All
    Description: The game lags from beginning to end. The profile for the champions take a long time to appear, loading screens take forever to get to the fight or quest. The crystal vaults lags heavily and fights are now becoming slow. It is very rare for my phone to cooperate with this game.
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    UnknUnkn Posts: 1
    Name: un-kn
    Device: Moto g6
    OS: Android 8
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    Game version: 23.0
    Game mode: crystal vault and all fights
    Game crashes all the time, sometimes twice an hour. Timing is off. All most sp2 gets blocked and a lot of sp2 as well. Happens more in AW and higher difficulty battles.
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    DigitaliciousDigitalicious Posts: 25
    In-Game Name: Digitalicious
    Device and Model: Huawei P20 Pro
    Device Operating System: EMUI 9.0 Android
    Cellular or WiFi: Wifi - 34Mbps Download, 9.8Mbps Upload / Cellular - 52 Mbps Download, 12.8Mbps Upload
    Game Version Installed: 23.0.1
    Game Mode: Alliance War, Alliance Quest, Monthly Events
    Description of the Issue: There is a Lag in Character Animation on all these Modes, sometimes it is like the system freezes for a Split second and then resumes as if its fast forwarding to catch up, this is enough to cause issues with Dex, Parry, and specials,
    In all above Game modes, characters miss combo's They Charge in randomly ( While Holding Block Down), and animation when moving between nodes are robotic like... and massive system lag is present there. Loading times are also unnaturally long..
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    MfurthMfurth Posts: 18
    Already filled out 2 for both my devices, but was told to do so again. @Kabam Vydious I cannot log on to game through my public WiFi. I have reinstalled and shut down all background apps on BOTH of my devices! It has been 10 days of not even being able to log in at any of my breaks at work! 10 hours of dead time! This is something on your end. I would LOVE some LAG right now, but since I cannot even log on I can't even get that!
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    TO_BeatzTO_Beatz Posts: 73
    In-Game Name: T.O. Beatz
    Device and Model: Galaxy S10
    Device Operating System: Android 9.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 23.0 version
    Game Mode: All modes
    Description of the Issue:
    - Menus take forever to load
    - Constant framerate drops during fights
    - Lag input when blocking or dexing
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