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Too noticable to not notice.....??

WOKWOK Posts: 468 ★★
So the story is that since the negative zone bounty missions started all has been as usual up until I decided to take the same path with either X-23 or Scarlet Witch 100% critical damage and resonance cascade node and not bother with the other champs. And I couldn't help notice that all but 2 rounds she had consistently zapped me with a double stack of poison at one point or another in a fight.
In all my years of playing with SW amped with high synergy crit teams, I had seldom seen a poison debuff proc for me let alone a double stack of it.
So I was curious as to the resonance cascade node, it only applies to the defender correct? So if SW's CHR was 26.5% normally it would be 53% with the node? Or does it include my crit rate as well?
Even with the increase, I just find it surprising to see the same buff or debuff double stack so consistently over a course of so many seperate sessions(approx. Between 15-20ish) when I've honestly saw it on a rare few occasions over 4 years of play.
Also powergain was another that proc'd similarly whereas something like regen and powerlock I have yet to see.
Any insights are appreciated.


  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,798 ★★★★★
    SW has separate buffs/debuffs depending on whether she crit or received a crit. Poison and power gain are part of her defensive set (when she receives a crit).
  • WOKWOK Posts: 468 ★★
    @CoatHang3r thanks for the insight. So has that always been that way? Tbh I never made it a priority to keep track of the majority of champ ability details for the better part of my gameplay till maybe the past year or so.
    And will also add that I'm not so completely oblivious to the point where certain "oddities" wouldnt draw my attn. But some tend to stand out more so than others as was this case.
    Anyhoo, I was always under the belief that she has an x% chance to conjure up to 8 buffs and or debuffs with each critical hit inflicted by either champ and only nullify was part of her "passive" ability per critical hit I guess I would call it, which is not dependant on the possible combination of 8 and that a critical hit was dependant on her crit rate which is isolated from the opponents crit rate and abilities other than ability accuracy reduction.
    I assumed that regen, poison and the like were 1 each of the possible 8 total.
    Btw, has anyone actually witnessed her trigger 8 buffs or debuffs from one crit?? I can say that Im almost certain I've witnessed a couple triggered at once possibly here and there but can guarantee I've yet to witness 8 at once. Am I interpreting her description incorrectly perhaps?
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 30,617 ★★★★★
    She operates on RNG. It's not sequential. She doesn't necessarily generate one of each, perse. As for your question, I don't remember seeing all 8 at once. I can't confirm that it hasn't happened, just that I haven't seen it.
  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,798 ★★★★★
    edited April 2019
    She has a chance to proc 8 times from one crit but the probabilty is really low. I believe each buff/debuff has a separate chance to proc.

    @WOK Seatin has a video on her dated 10/6/2016 that explains her better than I can.



  • WOKWOK Posts: 468 ★★
    Awesome, I've never been much into youtube for tips and tricks but I'll definitely make sure to check it out. Thanks @CoatHang3r!
  • xNigxNig Posts: 6,939 ★★★★★
    edited April 2019
    If (when) you do map 6, that scarlet witch in tier 3 can get pretty nasty if you don’t use a poison immune.
  • WOKWOK Posts: 468 ★★
    @xNig , good to know thanks! Luckily I've been semi retired for a while now and the last time we ran AQ map6 was a long time ago before the revamp and even before defenders like Sentinel and DS could still be argued as a "puny god" tier wannabe champ. Lol
    This epic SW is just a bit irritating only because I'd be at nearly 98% hp with a 5/50 4* and as soon as the poison comes, within 10sec or less it's lights out. :/
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