Last Dragons- A Plat 3 Map 665 Alliance

Looking for 3 Summoners with 2 R5 5* or equivalent. We run map 665 x 5 while war is off season, and likely 665 while attack is down and 655 while attack is on going. We currently place about 240 to 260 in AQ depending on how many 665 days we can field. UK or US time zones preferably, although if youre active during those times and from another zone, that's ok too.

We do tier 3 and tier 4 wars, we bounce back between the two. Donations are 0 gold ever (we have tons), 18k loyalty and 25k Battlechips.

Hit me up on LINE Chat, user ID Justapilgrim118, and send me your profile pic with your top 4 champs and we'll talk after that.
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