Clarification on New Objectives?!?!

@Kabam Miike

Need some clarification on the new objective missions... the objectives where you are required to fight as an Avenger and/or defeat Avengers in quest and arena fights, there are four steps to these missions.... 10 wins, 20 wins, 30 wins and 100 wins. How I'm understanding it is that once you hit 10 wins, the next part in that mission starts until you hit 20 wins, etc. Since the overall goal of those missions are to hit 100 wins, why does your win streak reset at every milestone within that mission?!?! I feel that once you hit 10 wins, your next one should start with 11, 12 and so forth, working up to 100 wins which would be the peak milestone. The way you have it now you have to win 160 times in order to complete that mission, which with everything going on (i.e. other missions, monthly event, AQ, AW, etc) seems a bit overkill. Long story short @Kabam Miike .... is the win count supposed to reset at every step in a multi step objective or continue in its count towards the peak number of wins???
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