17 mil / 80+ mil milestone in AQ / Tier 6 AW - Seeking one

We are a friendly group of working adults in need of a permanent new member (we have someone filling in temporarily until we can find a new player). We are strong believers in a good work-play balance—and the time commitments here are very reasonable, as we do not require arena grinding, donations are optional, and we play a variety of AQ Maps.

The season before last, we scored within Gold 1 bracket. Last season we fell into Gold 2 after some unfortunate matchups at the very end. We’ll be trying for Gold 1 again. That being said, we aren’t the type of people who stomp our feet when something unfortunate comes out way! We are typically in tier 6, although occasionally we move up to tier 5 or down to tier 7.

For AQ, we do a variety of Maps each set (2, 4, and 5). We score somewhere around 85mil each week. We always complete every group 100%.

We are looking for someone with a solid roster of 4/55s (or 6*s) or above, who can log in several times a day, who is comfortable clearing a line in our tier. Most of us have at least one max 5*. We are a perfect fit for someone skilled who is looking for something slightly less demanding than 5x5.

Please reach out to me on LINE: sillycaitlin


  • SillyCaitlinSillyCaitlin Posts: 510
    I’m still looking. Find me on line: sillycaitlin 🤪
  • SillyCaitlinSillyCaitlin Posts: 510
    We are still looking. Please contact me on LiNE app: sillycaitlin

    To give you an idea, we prettty much all have full teams of 4/55s, 6*s, and above, etc. Please only reach out if you have a solid 4/55 team or above.

  • SillyCaitlinSillyCaitlin Posts: 510
    Still looking
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