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Revamp where Variants/LOL/RTL, etc (perm content) show up in menus... it's getting too clustered!

I love you are throwing out various content recently. I don't love that you have grouped variant quests, which are permanent content, with all the time based content (EQ, bounties, special quests this month, Cat dailies etc). Have you thought about renaming the "story mode" section to be permanent content and then you can move variant up there and have section for variants and section for Story mode? You can also make a section under permanent content for stuff like LOL, RTL, etc since they are their own type of arc of events. It gets annoying having so much stuff in my default view (timed based stuff) that I already 100% or is lower priority until I get some of the time based stuff done. A time sensitive vs. at your leisure initial split makes the most sense to me
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