Old is gold: how the original avengers can become relevant again

It surely isn't news for anyone that the original avengers in-game are not being used at all these days, for anything except arena points (the only 2 exceptions i can make are for hawkeye and hulk). Some have gone through nerfs, while others have been designed on a time when in-game characters were build to be much simpler than they are today.
This month though, with the use of the different infinity stones, each champion enhances his abilities and becomes not only fun to play, but also extremely powerful. So here's what I propose: all the avengers who are tied with each infinity stone, get to keep some of the abilities the infinity stones gave them. Some of them, because realistically if they got to keep all them, they would be too powerful.
From a story standpoint, that could make sense. The infinity stones are artifacts of immeasurable power, therefore they could easily leave an impact to anyone who was associated with them. That impact, could be a portion of the enhanced powers a champion had, when he utilised them.
Furthermore, from a game-making standpoint, the decision to slightly buff those champions by letting them keep some of their stone-related abilities also makes sense. You have already decided to revamp a lot of champions that were practically useless in-game, so we see that there is some understanding of which champion is outdated and needs a buff. And we are not talking about any group of champions here, we are talking about the legendary avengers.
What do you guys think? Do you agree with my idea, or do you think it shouldn't be implemented? Would love to hear from all players, or even game developers (might be a bit too ambitious on that one).


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