Thanks for Ruining Endgame Kabam

So for some reason you haven’t fixed the bug where global chat is always the active chat and not the alliance one...

And the first thing I see is x, y and z about endgame because you allow ******* to play your game and spoil things.

Yes I’m blaming you Kabam for the bugs you claim to have fixed or looking at fixing.

Thank you



  • Starlord27Starlord27 Posts: 40
    Yes I’m bitter about it, deal with it
  • Well, it's your fault for not disabling global chat. If you get that offended by spoilers you should have done it right away
  • Starlord27Starlord27 Posts: 40
    Or my faith in people/the community to do the right thing has been abused. Everything wrong with today’s world, including people like you on your make believe high horse
  • Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,510 ★★★
    I'm sorry you are disappointed, but we will have a fix for the issue where Global chat is the default in an upcoming update.
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