Mods - Please update known issues

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The known issues is incorrect, dropping bugs with assumed fixes in future updates that are still bugs.

As a user, it makes me believe you no longer agree the bug is there, causing myself and others to continually repost. It also loses visibility to the duration of bugs from identification to fix, which loses my trust.

Can you keep more details in this section, and give it more TLC? If you spent 1 hour per day on this, it will clean up a lot of the noise due to the raised visibility and accountability.


  • Luke208080Luke208080 Posts: 103
    No traction when posted in the right category. Will cross post in general.
  • Luke208080Luke208080 Posts: 103
    @Kabam Porthos you closed a thread about back draft intercept today as it was a duplicate, to keep things tidy. But it was removed from the known bugs list because it was expected 23.0.1 would fix. Would updating the known bugs lost daily help in this regards?
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    The known bugs list is still incorrect.

    Also, Sentinels S1 is not fixed. I read some comments about the timing just being different. Which is then still an unannounced change post 22.0 that should he reverted with lack of communication.
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