Backdraft is Completely Broken

I think I've seen a few posts about this already but none of them were clear enough on the specific part of the issue or got a clear response. The problem I'm seeing is that the timing and distance were changed on dash attacks and dodges. The a.i. now gets much closer to you when punishing your dodge, and this can cause you to be clipped when attempting to perform backdraft intercepts. Before the absolute hot messes of recent updates, you were able to do a MLLL combo in to the opponents block, then dash back, and dash right back in, which would usually interrupt the defenders dash. However, with the changes implemented, you will now be clipped when doing this. Additionally, when you now attempt a normal backdraft(as in one that starts already hitting the defender) you now get routinely clipped. I've noticed that this is much more frequent when using smaller champions. This makes many stun immune opponents much harder to fight, and seems like a cash grab bug. If I could get some feedback from the developers regarding this issue that would be fantastic. Have a nice day


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