The game is difficult to play after 23.0.1 update

In-Game Name: Suman_sahA
Device and Model: Lenovo K8 Plus
Device Operating System: Android 8.0.0
Cellular or WiFi: Both [Operator: JIO (India)]
Game Version Installed: 23.0.1
Game Mode: Alliance Quest, Event Quest (Monthly, Bounty, Special)
Description of the Issue: 1. Opponent is throwing specials in mid of being attack (generally after getting 2-3 hits)
2. When I throw specials in mid of my combo (generally after hitting 2-3 times) opponents blocking my specials
3. Parry is not registering as intended
4. When I try to intercept, game lags a lot and i find that i was countered
5. Loading scrren is very lagging, also crystal vault, rewards screen after completion of any quest is also lagging very much

Till date I only got problems on parry (Which was not a major problem for me as I was playing till heroic level, But now it is), now it is hard to play as I am playing Master difficulty now. I love playing this game but now it is not upto mark. Kindly solve this as soon as possible...
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