Silver I/Gold 3 AW & 44433 AQ Alliance recruiting

Mercury Inc [HgInc] is seeking a new recruit to round out the group.

To join us, you must have Line and you must have the depth of roster to fully participate in AQ and AW (which means, usually, 11 champions of 4* 5/50 or 5* 3/45 level). We run 3 battlegroups in AW and finished in the middle of Gold 3 in the most recent AW season, after four seasons straight of near-top Silver 1 finishes. We run AQ Maps 44433 (x3 battlegroups) and routinely clear the 50 million AQ rewards milestone. There are no donations required.

Looking for summoners of at least level 50 and 180k rating. We are located all around the world so any time zone is welcome. My Line ID is mercuryboss. Contact me there or look up the alliance in-game if interested!


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