Thanos fight all kinds of screwy

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First I didn’t get the cut screen between phase 2 ( ruthless pandemonium) and three (warmonger) … I obviously get them when restarting fight but when he drops below certain threshold DURING fight, no cut screen. Guess I don’t know that we are supposed to but pretty sure I got them in master.

Phase 1 primeval cocoon (below 95%)
Tried using heavy (Blade) to switch him, I connect, but then halfway through the second part of heavy he acts like he goes on unstoppable....He doesn’t get knocked down so just immediately retaliates(this happened twice)

Last phase (warmonger)
Do KM indestructible charges not work because of armor break? That was an unpleasant surprise. Never ran into it before

Try holding block going into fight and I just stand there not blocking (maybe you have to wait to hold block until fight starts?)

Try and dash back at start a fight and I threw a heavy. This happened 2 or three times.

This is not a post about how hard or impossible he is, even though he is trying my patience. 😂It’s going to take me a few tries but i’ll Get it.


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