Can you put a highlight around the crystals the need to be opened before the auto-open happens?

EbbtideEbbtide Posts: 292 ★★
In this thread ( ) there is mention that select crystals need to be opened before an applied automatic open will be issued to help stabilize the game. While I've already checked and am certain I have none of these crystals left to open, it would be very helpful if during the maintenance that is coming soon a highlight was put around the banners of those crystals. If it was something like a pulsing green or red tint to alert the player that these are the crystals that need to be opened, it would imply the urgency of taking action for those specific crystals.

This would also be useful for players who do not frequent these boards or lack alerts about the game. An in-game message telling players to immediately open the highlighted crystals prior to the auto-opening would be a useful notification to issue to the players so that they can be prepared for the materials they may be gaining from these openings (this is likely a small group, but doing something like this as a standard would be useful).
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