R4 5* Hyperion or Venom

Should I rank 4 Hyperion or Venom? Both 5* unduped. May I ask what main advantages of each one that you like in them?
Thank you for your opinions!

R4 5* Hyperion or Venom 10 votes

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  • Milan1405Milan1405 Posts: 75
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    I think Hyperion is a slightly more useful champion (love the power gain) , but venom is also valid if you have no champs to shut down spiderverse heroes evades (miles morales, OG spiderman, symbiote spidey, stark spidey, spidergwen). Hyperion is great for this month's uncollected Thanos, and offers a higher damage output that is less reliant on bleeds, but venom is great against bleedable hero champions. Both champs benefit from being awakened, but hyperion needs it more than venom. If you think about longevity, then awakening hype will do more than awakening venom.

    So hyperion may be a technically 'better' champion but you should just level up who you like playing more at the end of the day. I, for example, ranked up sentry as I love playing him, even though he is less useful than she-hulk or antman with quantum synergy. In short just rank up whoever you like more, and forget about conventional tier lists.
  • CASrini003CASrini003 Posts: 81
    Ok....Venom is also a great champion who does Insane damage.
    Here is my 4 star R4 Venom vs 5 star R5 Stark Spidey

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