Unconventional alliance idea...

I wanted to gauge interest in building an alliance where all members pretend that t4cc doesn't exist. All members would top out at rank 4 4* or rank 2 5* to keep prestige in the 3-3.5K range and only do AQ map 3. No donations. Naturally some folks will want to rank up champs when they can and that would be time to move on, but everything in the game can be cleared with r4 4* except for LoL. Also would have general rule of no AQ/AW healing/revives required, just do what you can. If everyone has 4/40's and is reasonably competent we should be able to breeze through AQ and do reasonably well in AW. Does this sound appealing to anyone? If there is enough interest we can make this happen.


  • Mr_WiffMr_Wiff Posts: 189
    edited May 2017
    Can I get back to you in 4 weeks please. I wanna take my Daredevil to rank 5 but only need t4 basics, and want to take Electra to rank 4. This alliance sounds like the kind of break that I want but after I get the champs up that I want. Is that OK?
  • Jay_IberoJay_Ibero Posts: 265
    You may be missing the point. If you want to rank up your DD to 5, that would throw off the prestige of the alliance. By ensuring all members stay in the same range it maintains a consistent AQ difficulty level. If one member increases their prestige beyond the normal 4/40-2/35 range that that makes things harder for all members who haven't ranked up to that level.
  • Mr_WiffMr_Wiff Posts: 189
    Fair enough. It is just 2 r5s that I have and dd and sl are hardly high prestige
  • Time_to_clobberTime_to_clobber Posts: 119
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    I'm part of a great alliance where we only care about AW. AQ is optional and is map 2. Haven't reached tier 2 yet, but we are moving up quickly and hope to just stay in the tier 2-4 range, collect shards, and make prestige meaningless.

    One tip: start the alliance now so that you can start building your war rating. Takes time to tier up even when you are winning every single war.
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