Omega Red- How to turn a mutant into a God.

I’ve been seeing many posts about Omega on forums lately. Questions regarding rank, synergy, masteries. How to flip the kill switch? This is how:

Omega Red’s true kill box plants him firmly in front of his opponent A) to keep up his charges as they will dissipate over time. (unless your close or land a heavy attack- causing more DOT effects ON TOP of ones already there. So,if opponent had 10 stacks and was hit by heavy attack, now is disintegrating twice as fast. Basically, however many spores active would deal double damage. This is just his most BASIC playstle.

Mastery of Omega Red
Omega Red is immune to poison and takes 90%less bleed damage from any bleed effect. If you unlock the bleed “suicide” mastery, it’s not going to hurt much, not Omega anyway. His opponents suffer his wraith if he is ever bleeding, so this mastery is almost a must to play him well.

While bleeding, Omega emits his “Death Field” (normally only triggered by his sp2- for a few seconds. Entering the fight with this active is crucial. You won’t loose death spores if your too far away. Largest benefit is his death slide count grows from a max of 10 to a max of 30. (30 times normal damage at max - 60 times normal damage at max spores and land a heavy attack.

If lucky enough to awaken him, he deals an entirely separate, more deadly, DOT ability, as well as partially unblock able mid attacks, that kinda thing. At max Sig it’s close to 1,000 damage per spore. On top of his standard 250ish DOT from Death Spores, plus 30 times more damage after landing heavy attack and there you have it. Just Death. No more s’mores.

Let’s recap. Bleed mastery to activate Death Field, and to increase Death spores max from 10 to 30.And you don’t have to follow them close, they won’t wear off with it active.

Use heavy attack to cause the spores to deal another DOT effect. That’s 200% damage increase (from 10 to 30 spores) plus 200% more damage from DOT caused by his heavy attack. Once awakened, his signature grants yet another DOT effect, roughly 200% more devastating than unawakened. Follow the guide and you’ll see an increase by up to 800% damage (Per Second, Per Spore)

Hope this helps. .-)


  • Duke_SilverDuke_Silver Posts: 2,141 ★★★★
    This guy’s chilling with a couple others at the TOP of my list for most wanted. I’ve got a 5* mutant gem and a 5* mutant 3-4 gem with his name them.
  • Mathking13Mathking13 Posts: 877 ★★★
    eh I'm not the best at his playstyle...
    but I think I could get used to him eventually...
  • BeginthEndBeginthEnd Posts: 327
    @Mathking13 I’m not sure how often you’ve tried using his fight style, but many (including myself) believe he is most def one of Kabams more fluid, graphic detail oriented champs. His “Death Field” alone causes really cool red glow to emanate from him. Very nice animation with heavy attacks, SP (espically SP2) are jist fun to play with, better control than some older “clunkier” champs. You could even use em like Quake, never have to land a punch. Game over.

    I like this guy.
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