Pure Skill

Been a long long time since any word on this. Last informed it was on the cards to be looked at but that was eons ago.

Not many invested to max this costly masteryn out. If you can refund md like you did, then please do the decent thing and do this with those that Investec in pure skill.

If no refunds are coming please explain why and give a reasonable idea of what and when will happen with this mastery, it hasn't worked as originally intended since publish 12.0


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    I've been asking for a refund for ages. PS has not worked at all since 12.0 nerf. I used to run it and MD maxed. Now neither one is useful and never would have purchased them in the first place.
  • Hey guys, we've already stated in THIS thread that Pure Skill is more effective now than it was prior to version 12.0.

    We're always working to make improvements to Masteries and other features of the game but unfortunately, we have no new information to share with you at this time about Pure Skill. Rest assured, as soon as we do, we’ll be sure to let you all know!
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