Guaranteed Gold 1, only part-time wars! Minimal efort, massive rewards





Looking for a handful to replace retiring members and some needing to step back for a bit. Would consider a small group looking to merge.

About us:

  • Experienced & organised. Consistently achieving gold 1 rewards each season.

  • Relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  • No expections outside of war participation.
  • Choice of full-time (all 3 wars) or part-time (2 wars out of 3) war participation.
  • No mandatory AQ participation. Run a mix of map 4 & 3 & still hit upwards of 80m every AQ.
  • No donations, ever!


  • Must use line
  • Roster capable of competing at our level, this means at least 1 R5 and ability to do another/others when the right champs come along.

Line contact:



  • icorericorer Posts: 66
    Still looking

    I'm sure we are the perfect fit for those looking to retain a high level of rewards, whilst cutting back on the committments of aw and aq.

    Come join like minded vets and renew your game experience by putting the grind mentality behind you.
  • icorericorer Posts: 66
    Still looking for 1
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