Some issues

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Shouldn't bounty missions have ended?
Love the stuff but still, I remember the 30th being announced as last day.

King pin visual bug with sp1
Fires the mist near end of animation. Happens as attaker and defeder.

Last stand: save the battlerealm gives more rewords than shown by clicking the rewords tab, all difficulties initial run and 100%
This quest together with the quest for the stones so flat, no in quest story, nothing blocking doing multiple lanes with one infinity stone, terrible rewords if not new player(even with the the pointed issue).

Corvus boss bug in UC 2.1
The auto block message is there but can't say exactly when it's for show and when not just that it clearly some time is. Easier to fight this way with parry trigering like once few fights 😁

I know I am forgetting some but let's leave just these.

Hmm, love the game still and it fells going👇
Hate the current vibe, this month the worst I can remember since I started playing, about 3 years 😑
Does someone badly want this game to end? As a consumer I feel too much bad decision-making 🤔


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    What is

    What should
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    Rewards are correct.
    Event screen shows rewards for event completion & exploration, there are also rewards for chapter first run and exploration.

    You can see them when you select the team for questing.
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    *Also, I suspect Bounties will end at 10 a.m. PDT.
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    What about these :-)
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