What's new game down again

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Lol games down for y'all huh? Welcome to my world my game has been down off and on all week and I've sent 12 tickets all I get back is how we did survey ...then I made to posts on here and nothing then today I get a messages saying I been warned because I said Kabam is not saying anything about the bugs there putting in game on purpose ...anyone with these loading screens good luck your game will lag and you will use so many pots I can't get any help with this for over a week I've asked Kabam mike and sent tickets and nothing but they can message me and give me a warning amj I'm so tired of not getting any help ...1vyhv4en0k2m.png


  • Volcanic45Volcanic45 Posts: 86
    Missed Parry's
    Hitting the air
    Blocking specials and mid combos
    Loading times crazyyyyyy
    3-5 mins load screen sometimes between matches
    Super lag
    I'm sure I missed a lot but thats just some of the stuff I'm dealing with
  • Volcanic45Volcanic45 Posts: 86
    Never had these problem before these loading screens I had a update in the play store and then all hell broke lose any info on this pleaseee only been asking for over a week
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