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Bug with extra damage with 5 stars

EgretM4EgretM4 Posts: 153 ★★
Using Guillotine against winter soldier in ROL I noticed the bonus damage both +20% and the +12% on her sp3 didn't add any extra damage. Guillotines sp3 gives two percent per soul which is all the damage it gave even with the extra 20%. if for example you have 5 souls * 2% per soul should remove 10% of the opponents health which it does but the extra 20% should have increased it to 12%.

Is the bonus damage broken for all 5 stars?
Most sp3s you have no idea what damage you should expect to see so it's hard to understand if your getting the extra damage or not but with guillotine its set to 2% per soul, easy to compare expected versus actual damage. So it might have been broken for all of them and no one noticed. Can this be checked into.


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