Team iron patriot

Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 1,828 ★★★
Iron patriot should be buffed
1. He is extremely weak with absolutely no utility and some of the lowest damage
2. He has probably the worst mechanic in the game, burn out, the one thing he has is regen, but once it finishes he’s even more useless than before
3. There are lots of powers he has in marvel that are not yet in the game, and there’s a lot you can do with him


  • May_The_WayMay_The_Way Posts: 491 ★★★
    I’m voting Colossus, because there are no good options for a 2015 Mutant Rank Up Gem
  • HdrvHdrv Posts: 56
    @Lvernon15 see my poll regarding this....u will surely feel bad for colossus
  • Blue_Jean_BoyBlue_Jean_Boy Posts: 3
    I truly believe Iron Patriot should be buffed. He probably will not win because of the overwhelming opinion that colossus will be buffed however I believe he deserves it. My opinion may be biased because I just pulled him as my fourth five star though.
  • BrandonmballouBrandonmballou Posts: 134
    My concern is all the champs listed should be buffed so why not do them all why say you get a choice to decide when in fact they should have already been working on buffs for all of them this is a clever attempt to get us to discuss this instead of what we really should be discussing
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